Two-way user review system like Airbnb

I’m building a marketplace where a Seller can list a one-off trip. A Buyer can book and pay this trip. I want them to review each other, not the trip, because the marketplace is based on trust in individuals, not the services they sell. Just like on Airbnb, the hosts and guests get reviews.

I have a profile page which is a Current Page User’s profile page. The review can be made and submitted on this page.

I know how to create a review but I do not know how to create the conditions on who can write a review.

I have followed the principle for Buyers: The submit review is Only available WHEN > do a search> bookings > create by=current user and traveling with=current page’s user. But this didn’t seem to work, and it doesn’t enable the Seller to leave a review on the Buyer.

These ppl are reviewing EACH OTHER, not the trip. I especially struggle with defining condition for how the Seller provides a review because they didn’t make the booking.

I’m after same principle as Airbnb has. The review submission should NOT be available/visible for everyone, and only available when there is a booking made.

Any ideas how this could be done? Any better ways to do it? Any plugins?

I assume the end of this is count > 0?

Either way created by is not a good field to filter by as the booking may be created in back end. So if you store the user in the record directly this type of query should work and if not check privacy rules.

It is worth cobsidering, especially if users can be both sellers and buyers or whatever the roles are to make a tripmates list in user or in a seperate dataset which would make the reviewer rules very straightforward.

Thank you for the response. I added Trip mates as a field (user field type) to the Booking data type. And I added Trip mates to User data type and the field type is Booking (reference to the booking).

When one makes a booking, the following things are added to the data base:
Trip mates add current user (the person who’s making the booking, customer)
Trip mates add trip listing’s creator (the seller)

Again, I’m still struggling to create the condition to show or not show the Review section. Bubble does not like it.

I’m trying to achieve a condition where the current user (either seller or the customer) is a tripmate, then this Review box is visible. The Review box is on current page user’s profile page.

I’ve tried another route. I create a condition where the Submit Review button is clickable only when the count of bookings is > 0. And then when this condition is met, and the user writes a review and submits it, then the workflow will look like this.
There’s basically a check that the two users are trip mates.

This is a massive workaround as I’ve not figured out another smarter way to do this. If anyone has a better idea how to build this, please let me know.

This is right you just did Current Page user for both conditions instead of: current user’s Trip mates contains current page’s user.

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Thank you. Ok, I got it now. Only one would be enough. :+1: You’re right, it would be enough to have a Booking > With=Current Page’s user.

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