How to iterate through a custom state list?

I have a repeating group with questions and radio buttons. I have 2 custom states (list), one for the questions, one for answers. Custom state gets updated when radio button value changes.

I want to create records in the database but don’t know how to iterate through a custom state list.

I have seen some solutions recommending API workflow for this, but can’t figure out the details of it.
Any suggestions on how to go about this?

Check out the list shifter plugin

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Thanks @boston85719 for the suggestion. I’ve seen this though, I was hoping to do it myself without plugin.

This would be the way to do it without a plugin, however, I believe it is not possible using a custom state list, as the custom state list is able to be passed through to the backend workflows, but I do not think you can then iterate over them.

You could however send the list to the backend workflow and do an API workflow on a list, which is very much like iterating over the list.

Which type of app are you making? Is it a quiz or test app with the multiple choice answers as your radio buttons? Can you tell us exactly what you’re trying to achieve?

There may be a way to configure without using custom state lists.

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