How to keep Elements tree open / save it's last state

  1. Is there a way to save the state of the Elements tree for each page?
  2. Is there a way to open all groups and reveal all elements (like what “Show all children” does but for the whole page)?

It takes way too much time and effort to open all the nested groups to find that one particular element that is 5-10 groups deep on the page. And every time I navigate to another page and return the whole Element tree resets. It’s not a problem for visible elements as you can just click on them and Reveal them in the Element tree, but for hidden elements you have to keep opening all the parent groups until you find the element.

Hi there, @chiprana… unfortunately, the short answers to your questions are no and no, and I’m guessing both of them (or at least the second one) have already been submitted to the ideaboard.


That’s unfortunate.

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