How to keep filter parameters after returning the previous page

Hello there,

I have created a filter where I use “custom states” for filter elements. But I faced with the problem, when I open the filtered item and return back, the filter is reset. I understand that I should use parameters but how can I do this? Should I refresh page with new parameters?

The page like this


I used to store filter in a thing instead of custom states.

  1. Create thing Filter Params, fill it with filter fields.
  2. In User type create a field Filter of type Filter Params.
  3. Add a database trigger when User thing is created: create Filter Params thing and set created user’s Filter field to this value.
  4. Alternatively you can move creation of Filter Thing to When Page is Loaded and Current User's Filter is empty workflow to correctly handle existing users (with trigger option only new users will be assigned with new Filter Params, you need to create and run initialization workflow for existing users in this case, and you still miss anonymous users as you cannot find them in database).
  5. Create privacy rules on Filter Params thing to allow current user to autobind to it’s fields.
  6. Autobind your filter inputs to corresponding fileds of Current User’s Filter thing.

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