Page Doesn't Remember Filter Values

I have a page with repeating group that uses three filters, Verb, Context and Project. User selects filter values from dropdowns for each filter. From the RG, user can click on an item and be taken to a detail page to view/update details of the item. Upon completing the updates or exiting without changes, user is returned to the list page with the RG.

I want user to be returned to the list using the same filter values (and, ideally, the same page in the RG, although I haven’t even tried that trick yet.) :slight_smile:

In order to ensure that user is working from the same filtered list, I am storing user’s selected filter values in their User record.

On the detail page, the workflow for saving updates or abandoning updates ends with Go to previous page.

What happens is that the filter values the list page saved to the User record are not restored. It’s whatever values were in effect when user originally opened the list page (or most recently did a browser page refresh.)

As an example, after opening the page, change whatever filters happened to be in effect, in this case Verb = Create.


Make another change to filters, in this case Context = out.


Click on an item in the list, view or make changes in the detail page and return to the list page. The filters revert to the values that were in effect when user first opened the list page, in this case Verb = Call.

If user clicks the browser reset button, filters are updated to the values most recently saved to the User record, in this case Context = out. This is the condition the app should have returned to without user having to do a refresh.


What should I do to ensure that the page is properly refreshed with the current User record filters upon returning to the page?

Bonus question: how can I save the position in the list (RG) and restore to that position upon returning to the list page?

You could save the filter value as a parameter in the URL. In that case, you will have to do it both times, once when you load the detail page (to keep it in memory), and once when you go back. Note that this won’t work if the user presses the back button in the browser, as its dependent on a Bubble action.

I suspect it might be easier to save them in the database though. If you have a current user, you can save the filter to his/her profile. If you want to clear it later, you can save a datetime along with it, and ignore or delete it if it’s too old.

Does that make sense?

Makes perfect sense,Petter. Thanks.

I don’t want to use a parameter because the detail page can be opened by any of several pages. It doesn’t know what page it was opened by. Or does it? I’ll have to research whether or not the invoking page’s URL is available to the detail page.

Ideally, I’d like the list page to take care of its own refresh. I thought Page Load would be triggered but apparently not on Go to previous page.

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