How to know when the last usergroup is shown

How can I know when the last item is shown out from a usergroup container?
I want to show an image after the last item is shown on the screen.

Hi @blm017,

I might consider doing the following to show an image after the last user in a repeating group has been shown:

  1. Make your image not visible on page load.

  2. Add a condition to your image with visible checked:
    Do a search for users:last item = repeating group list of users:last item (Users in the “Do a search for” should be sorted the same way as in your repeating group).

  3. Make your repeating group vertical scrolling.

There will also be a better and more efficient way to solve your issue. But this might work well for now if no one can provide a better answer.


Thanks a lot @TipLister

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