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Hide button when last item in repeating group is diplayed

I have a fixed cell repeating group that users add to.

How do I know when the last search result or first result is displayed so that I can hide the Next/previous buttons?

I’ve tried lots of approaches but can’t actually seem to get it set up.

The link to the test group is here

check the condition on the next button that i have added. is that what you mean?

No as that means the next button doesnt display at all - but thanks for trying! I only need to hide the Next button when there are no more results to display.

I think i have solved your issue mate. check it out and let me know. cheers

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Could you kindly share your solution?

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Check out the editor link that i edited above, i will make an example on this when i get a chance.

Very very clever Jarrad. I had to read your Condition several times before I understood it.
This method will come in handy for many other situations as well.

Screenshots below for everyone in case the link is ever dropped:


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