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How to learn about database models and database structure

Thank you very much for your post on how to better understand database design through the given online source and other ideas.

Yes, and that statement was not really for you :slight_smile:

It also worries me when I see some of the ways things are done. Agreed, there is a lot of flexibility.

I have written a lot of posts in the past about data structures and comparisons of SQL Vs Bubble.

Not quite sure what else is needed to get the word out there. Those examples are great and would be useful to turn into Bubble tables.

Maybe people are googling relational databases and applying to Bubble ?

Any suggestions welcome. Was really just hoping to stop people from immediately putting in foreign keys !

When someone is new to tables & data structures and asks me about it,

I always give the example of an Excel workbook with many sheets (which seems more familiar to many), that are all linked, and all individually have rows & columns. More is explained in this short video playlist:


Thats good and thank you. Can you recommend something for user experience as well please?

Yes, totally agreed. I add one step which is showing a newbie how Excel’s data validation translates to relational structures.

Not quite sure what you mean ?

Thank you very much @TipLister for this.Thank you for your YouTube Channel. I have subscribed(I’m #no7 :man_dancing:man_dancing:) and looking forward to more vids. :+1:


I really enjoyed this post in particular, and have found it very useful in my thinking.

So, based on this, this is how I understand the various options:

Option 1 - “text field list in the Tickets table”
-only works in few cases / runs into limited cases

Option 2 - “list field of Notes in the Tickets table”
-easier to pull data in development + maybe performance
-could end up with lots of values in one field for each row
-could lead to orphan Notes

Option 3 - “field of Tickets in the Notes table”
-easier to work with as not dealing with lists in the Notes table
-need to do alot of Searching which could be slower

Option 4 - "if need to apply a Note to multiple Tickets
-create a Tickets list in the Notes table

My questions are:

  1. Is there any easy way to evaluate whether one should be going for “option 2” or “option 3”?
  2. Is there ever any rationale for doing both “option 2” and “option 3” in Bubble? ie putting a “list of Notes” in the “Tickets” table whilst simultaneously also putting a field for a “Ticket” in the “Notes” table? Or is this entirely redundant?

I ask the second as this is what I’ve done in my database to date (probably in some confusion as to how databases should be designed), and I’m now running into challenges relating to retrieving and editing data.

I am building a marketplace application where I essentially white label software engineers working in development agencies and sell these then to clients looking for software engineers. Leaving the client side out of it…this is how I’ve constructed my database to date.

Does it look horribly wrong? Would appreciate any guidance that can be offered.

Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 12.44.40

Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 12.45.06 Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 12.45.13 Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 12.45.15

Attaching an overview as to my data types and how they all relate together:

Feel like I am getting muddled somewhere, as quite new to database design…so trying to get to grips with.


What I mean is something that guides us to the best practices in designing the user interface - how to structure it and data flows etc. Any material that will help us design a better UI/ UX interface

I use google for that myself. I just google search something like

sign up user design or sign up ux design guide

I find a lot of different resources that way and I read through all that I find informative and if I see overlapping ideas, I ensure I use them

This is the best explanation I came across. Thank you

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Great share - there is a lot of value in this post

appreciate your comment. Thank you!

This was very helpful, thank you, I am definitely struggling a bit with the database piece. Thanks!

I am fairly new to bubble, and looking at the database entries I have created I cannot find ID or FK (am I correct in thinking FK=Foriegn Key). I have found a Unique ID in every entry if that is one of the keys

Thanks @boston85719 !

Hi, I am new to Bubble, and I would like to accelerate my learning. It seems that understanding how to structure databases would be a good skill to learn BEFORE learning Bubble?

In which case, what am I looking to learn? (I can write the words “structure databases” very confidently, but I really have no idea what they mean at all)

Would it be worth me taking a Udemy course, or is this something I can pick up from a 20 minute video? Directions to a good resource would be amazing!

Also, what other skills should I learn in advance / parrallel that would make my Bubble learning journey more efficient? My aim (hope?) is to eventually become at least moderately proficient at Bubble…

Many thanks!

Hello @cowieajc

Resources below for your consideration: :smiley:

One of the best if not the best set of Bubble wisdom gold nuggets written so far (paid) by @petter

All other ones are non-paid:

Alternative approach to the Bubble’s recent tutorials for list of things


Bubble also just came out with this last month:

It’s a free resource of different types of databases.

Hope that helps! :blush:


For All Your No-Code Education Needs:


Thanks, this is much appreciated! I look forward to chunky reading :slight_smile:

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