How to let Bubble popup a window based on user's activity?

I would like Bubble to check user’s activity for certain amount of time, if the user is inactive for 10 minutes, a pop-up window will show up and ask the user if he/she wishes to continue the session or log him/her out. What should I do in order to accomplish this?

There are plugins you can install to detect inactivity. You can then use the plugin to trigger an action to show a popup to the user.

Thanks @alex.esposito.1108 , what plugin do you recommend? I will look into it.

Hey there @qpgp_122 !

I’d recommend taking a look at this plugin:

It is quite expensive as a one-time fee, but luckily the $5/month gives you a good taste of what the plugin is capable of before you invest that money.

From the demo, it seems to be right what you are looking for, exposing an idle time.

I wasn’t quite happy with this answer I gave, so I went ahead and threw together a plugin that does the same thing, without the hefty cost of $90 :open_mouth:

That plugin just utilizes an open-source javascript library called ifvisible.js.

I created my own without a library, but if you’d like to stick to that library, I found another one that is the exact same for free.

Here is mine if you’d like to take a look, and here is a demo.

Thanks @draked123 , I have installed Detect Inactivity and read the document, but it seems not clear to me. Below screenshot one part of that document:

When I created this workflow tile, I don’t see where to set the trigger the workflow on the menu.