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πŸ†• [NEW PLUGIN] Idle Detector Complete

iFrame Idle Detector Complete

Hi there!
We just release this new plugin to the Bubble marketplace :santa: !

This plugin allows you to define rules to detect user inactivity and trigger workflows when the user becomes inactive or active. It can also trigger events when the user leaves or switches the tab.

:arrow_right: Detect the user inactivity after a certain delay
:arrow_right: Detect the tab status (visible/hidden)
:arrow_right: Detect when page is closed and run a workflow
:arrow_right: Based on a reliable library
:arrow_right: Complete documentation

Use cases

  • :large_blue_circle: Gaming and monitoring

    Does your app run a game? Then you could detect when the user is not playing anymore in order to stop the session.

    Does your app run an online test or exam? Then you could detect when the user leaves the tab or become inactive.

  • :large_blue_circle: Performance Saving

    Leaving a page that runs a lot of recurring workflows or manages a lot of data sources open can affect your app performance. You could stop those workflows or stop watching certain data types when the user is inactive.

:heavy_dollar_sign:The plugin is available for $3/month or $16 for a lifetime license.

:blue_book: We offer full documentation with the plugin and forum support.


:link: Plugin page

:link: Demo app
:link: Demo editor

:link: Documentation

:gift: WIN IT

The first 3 people to suggest an improvement track will have a free lifetime license!

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This plugin is made by the French platform Ottho .


Great with a robust plugin for this. I do this in app with some JS now.

Improvement suggestion; I have two events based on inactivity. First is to fire up a β€œHey, are you there” popup. The second is if the user did not react to the first popup for certain time; another popup is shown β€œWe have cleared your basket”. Could the plugin cater for both?

Best, Peter

Hi, yes Peter the plugin can do this already :slight_smile:

Awesome! :grinning::muscle:t2::+1:t2: