New Plugin - Detect Inactivity

Hey everyone,
we have just released the „Detect Inactivity“ Plugin.This Plugin allows you to detect when an user has become inactive/idle. You can specify the time a user has to be inactive before the Event is triggered. You can show a popup, play a sound etc. when an user has become inactive Furthermore, an event is triggered once the user has become active again after being inactive. With this Plugin you can increase the conversions on your page and prevent users from leaving your site or becoming inactive for too long.

For a demo of this Plugin please visit:

Plugin page:

Have a great day!
Noel from Anticode


There is already a FREE plugin called “Efactive” that does this and works like a charm. Can you tell us how this differs from the Efactive plugin?

One thing that the Efactive plugin lacks is the ability to detect user presence when the user is on a different tab/page. I’m hoping that this plugin fixes that shortfall, otherwise there is no point in charging for something that is already being offered for FREE.

Kind regards


Hey James,
thanks for pointing that out. When I was searching if such a plugin exists I did not
find anything (probably due to the spelling). You’re right, charging does not make sense,
we will change the plugin to free!

Kind Regards,
Noel from Anticode


this is a real issue for searching Plugin. I have to change the name of one of my plugin because of that. I hope that the improvment of searching function will come soon!


I agree. The naming of the plugins has to cover all basis to be easily found by a user, the exact name with the exact spaces.

Maybe something that allows a plugin author to add a number of tags/keywords so they can add a range of phrases one might use in the searchbox to cover all ground, then this can be utilised in the results page.


The plugin search is bad.

It is an unfortunate reality that one of the most important utilities in bubble functions so poorly. If developers can’t find things I would expect average users would have even more trouble. You can’ even search through plugin descriptions! Better name your plugin correctly so it can be found! I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but locks up my browser for several seconds when typing a search inside the editor.

Considering there are only 100 or so plugins I would imagine this is not a heavy lift to fix this.

In the meantime, I suggest always googling if you can’t find what you’re looking for. search keywords


@Jici We are working on better plugin discovery.
@jon2 there are a lot more plugins than that but we totally understand your point on making this easier for users


You are correct, quite a bit more. 712 as of this post! :wink: It literally says so on the plugin page, had I bothered to check. :roll_eyes: In either event, my point being that it seems, from afar, to be a trivial amount to create a working search for.

Excited to see whats in store! Thanks!


Hey @jamesbond

The plug-in should do that. Check out the description on the forum

Efactive! New FREE Plugin - Detect if user is online


@AliFarahat Can you rename or complete the name?
Like Efactive : Detect user activity / presence

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Sure, will do

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I hope bubble also allows for keyword based searches in their new system.
This is also available as the ‘Screen detect’ element within the UX tools (bdk) plugin


Are you sure? This was the reason as to why I unsubscribed from the plugin. I found that on one of my applications, when I was on another tab or window, the workflow associated with the plugin wouldn’t render. For example, if I set a workflow to log users out after 2 minutes of inactivity, this would not work if I was on Twitter for 2 minutes or if the browser was minimised.

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I can double check it. Will definitely do that tomorrow

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Hi @Anticode, can this plugin be used in a reusable element? It doesn’t work for me and I wasn’t sure if it was a bug. I can stick this on my header and bingo it takes effect on all pages.


Will this work for ‘anonymous’ users too or only those that are ‘logged in’

Hi @Anticode,

After testing it again, this works with reusable elements, but it doesn’t always work when using it with other plugins, just haven’t worked out which ones. Are you aware?


Hi @mangooly
please excuse the late reply.

We were not aware that there are issues using our plugin with other plugins. This can sometimes happen unfortunately. If you find out which other plugin causes our plugin not working we might be able to help.


Hi @Anticode ,

I’m finding a small problem with the Detect Inactivity plug in. Individually it works great for my purposes. However, if I put 2 on the same page and name them differently, then check for their activity on the backend (making sure to specify WHICH of the 2 I’m checking by name), they both trigger their respective workflows.

For example, I have one that detects if 10 minutes have elapsed, then it runs a log out sequence.

I have another that runs every 1 minute, but writes some other data to the database.

I’m checking each one for inactivity by their unique respective names, but when the 1 minute element runs, it also triggers the 10 minute element’s workflow, despite their unique names.

Have you seen this? Should I NOT have more than one Detect element on a page?

Hello Dan,

yes you should only add one element per page. Having several detect inactivity elements on a page is currently not supported.