How to link business' customer data

Hey there! New to using bubble. Essentially what I’m trying to construct is a method for businesses to auto-text and follow up with customers after they purchase something. The problem is that the main companies that would be using this are restaurants and online subscription platforms, and I’m not sure how to collect their data after they sign up.

I’ve already checked that there aren’t any Shopify/Yelp/OpenTable integrations to collect businesses customer data, so I’m curious to see if anyone has any workarounds to how businesses can link their business profiles (Shopify, yelp, etc) so any phone number on their end is automatically entered in one of my databases.

Thanks for your time!

Business like that want too keep the data exclusively, hence why they don’t have APIs for user data or access via a CRM. There are also issues with data privacy of customers. It sounds that you need to look to managing your own data pipeline or other ways to integrate.

Do you think it’s possible to use this admin api?

OK, looking at the documentation, it is indeed possible to pull the data via the API, you just need to spend some time setting them up along with the workflows.

It’s noted that this doesn’t update, so hypothetically would they have to re-connect to my app every so often you think? Btw thanks so much for your help.