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Shopify reviews through bubble

I am building an app where shopify store owners can log in and ask their clients/buyers to give a review about their store.
-Can I connect my bubble app with just one store from shopify or is it possible that different users are able to log in to through their shopify accounts and generate a link to send to client asking for review?

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Hello @ahmadsalmanmustafa welcome to the community!

It seems the answer is yes to both questions

Thanks for the response @cmarchan.
-Can you please further specify which API to use from shopify? I’m looking into the Storefront API. Is it the right choice?

Hello @ahmadsalmanmustafa

I have not dealt with Shopify directly. The good news is that their API documentation is highly regarded. :+1:t2:

@cmarchan Right, I’ll go through the documentation and find the procedure.

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