Connecting Shopify to Bubble

Anyone know if it’s possible to sell through Shopify and automatically pass on and create an account with a Bubble app? I’m looking to sell courses through my Shopify store and then automatically sign someone up into my Bubble app. Thank you.

The first thing that comes to my mind is to try using a Zapier zap. I’m looking at something similar for integrating Podia with my Bubble app, but am not at the point where that’s important yet.

Unfortunately, using zaps has pretty limited functionality. I’ve been able to use zapier for creating products from bubble, but I haven’t seen any way to use a login action with it. You can, though, use it to create a customer. This sounds like it could work for what you need. I haven’t explored using the API with the API connector, as yet.

Is there a reason you’d use Shopify as your front end store, rather than just building it all on bubble, and avoid paying fees to Shopify?

You need to expose an API endpoint from Bubble with the create user workflow.
Then just use a POST webhook from Shopify that calls the API endpoint with the parameters you need.

I already have the Shopify store and my Bubble app is just one product that I’m going to sell in the store. Shopify has lots of great store apps and I can do interesting promotions; discounts; and deals in the shopping cart that you can’t do through the standard Stripe interface.

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I see. That makes a lot of sense. Thank you.