How to link customer input data to appear later?

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I was wondering how I could link data inputted by a customer (e.g. their nickname) to later appear on a button on the next page?

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This kind of sounds like you need to do the tutorials, as this is just core database stuff.

Anything that you want to save and retrieve later is just info to save to the database. If the data in question is complex, you might want it to have its own data type (what Bubble also calls a “thing”).

If the data in question is simple, you can just save it as a field on an existing data type.

“Nickname” would be a case of the latter. It’s just a string associated with the User.

So, just like your User has a First Name and a Last Name field, you can add a Nickname field.

When you sign up your Users, or during some other activity in your app, you will capture their Nickname via an Input element and “Make changes to a thing…” to put that value into the Current User’s Nickname field.

Once you have that, you can put that value in a text field, on a button, or do anything that you could do with any other string of text.

It will be available to you as “Current User’s Nickname”.

For an interactive tutorial on this, go here and to the “Saving Data” lesson;

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