Need help with data and forms

Trying to create a table/form that saves data and can be recalled on from another page.

I have a window that pops up when selecting the “add client” button, in this box is a form asking for “Given Name”
“Add Client”

How do I get these inputs to save as data that can be recalled form another page.

As far as recalling the information goes, I want to allow for the option of adding fields to the Clients information such as the ability of adding “Client Notes” where it allows to add notes and display is on the same page.

Thanks in Advanced. I’ve tried searching through forums and the support channels however haven’t been able to clue on. The thing I’m trying to create is fairly simple, I’m just having difficulty to do the most basic of tasks…

I have tried everything I could in terms of displaying search data. I have a popup that comes up asking for Clients name and has a search button. When clicking search how do I go about displaying that information in a group on the page.
I need to display their Name, DOB a Profile picture. I would also need to option to have a button that allows us to add “Active Medication” and “Medical History” where it allows us to add more records to the user and have some of those displayed on their profile page…

I’ve tried using Google, followed all interactive tutorials and scoured the forums for help however have found none.

Anyone? I cannot figure out how to make this work. Starting to get really annoying. No matter what I read on the forums or through youtube and google, absolutely nothing is of help. It’s been 4 days since I started this and currently starting to give up.

  • You’d have a database object called Client with fields you want to store.
  • On your popup form, you’d have input fields for each bit of info you want to capture and a button that triggers a workflow.
  • That workflow creates a new Client, and adds the values from those inputs to the fields
  • Create a page called “Client Details.”
  • Set its data type to “Client”
  • To start with, put a text element on the page and set it’s value to “Current Page’s Client Given Name”
  • I’m assuming you have a page somewhere that has a list of clients. Let’s call it “Client List”
  • When you click on a name in the Client List, run a workflow that navigates to the Client Details page
  • Bubble will ask you to specify an individual Client to send to that page
  • Choose “Current Cell’s Client”
  • Preview your app, and voila! It should be working.

I recommend getting really comfortable with this type of thinking, as Bubble is built to leverage dynamic data and passing data objects around to various pages. There are a ton of video tutorials and resources out there, and some really great courses that cover this type of information, as well as the more advanced stuff, in deep detail. Good luck!

As the other guys said, there are resources and some things you just have to keep chipping away at. The last time I wrote code ASP was brand new and ISPs looked at you funny if you wanted to host a db. 2 weeks ago I discover bubble and I’m well on my way to writing a very complicated financial services system. I will say this though. It feels easier learning ms sql with stored procedures and functions etc. than it does learning bubble. Maybe it’s because I’ve at least been able to read sql in the past? Maybe it’s because bubble is such a fundamental shift in how you need to think about coding? Either way, I feel the official bubble training is a bit thin. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit slow and need quite a bit of input before I have a light bulb moment. Either way I’m all in and all I can say is keep reading and keep posting. Your light bulb moment will come if you persist. As to your original question. Do all the tutorials again. 2 or 3 times if you must. Somewhere in there you’re going to start grasping how bubble interfaces with data and you’ll be able to move on to your next challenge.

I have found another way of doing it. At the moment on the profile page while using “Current Cell’s Client” is displays the information I need from the client however I’m trying to add an Incident/History option. When clicking the button it opens the popup and saves the entry to another database however I’m having trouble with showing that history/incident information on the repeating group only on the profile page. It displays however it displays the same incident/record for everyone. Is there a way of linking this data so it only displays and shows data specific to the client?

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