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How to share user's data among different pages

I am saving some additional details about the user such as First Name and Last Name at the time of sign up and I want it to be displayed on subsequent pages that the user visits.

The way I am doing this is by inserting a dynamic text such as Current User’s First Name , but it displays nothing. Is this approach wrong ? What would be the correct way to display user’s detail on different pages in the app ?


No, that is right. You should just be able to show…

As above.

Is the name being added to the database for user ? Check your data tab ?

You will need to save the name when you create the user…

Data tab shows the data being added , but the debugger shows the current user’s first name as empty.

I have added the first name using Save some additional data button in the sign up , Could that cause a problem ?

Any suggestions ??

Can you share a link so that we can look at the app?