How to link multiple Items to a single Invoice

Hi folks, I previously posted this question but didn’t find an answer may be because the question was not posted or what.
Anyhow am building my POS System where I have to data types, 1. Invoice and 2. Invoice Detail
I want to build a page where I would add Invoice first and then details and in the detail section I want to add multiple items sold to a customer e.g Invoice No 1. contains Milk, Wheat, Buscuits etc.
And all this I want on the same screen like not going to other page. Is that possible.
The issue I am facing is that on the Invoice Detail section I have a field known as Invoice No which will store Invoice No value from Invoice data type, so I want tha on Detail section it should be auto-populated based on newly created Invoice No. I’ve set its initial content as last item from the Invoice but the problem is when I add invoice the Invoice No changes and the detail section shows previous/last Invoice No. added in database.
Any help please If you have experience on with similar cases.

It sounds like you’re trying to build a shopping cart!

Its actually Point of Sale system, where different products will ralate to single Invoice No.

Thanks to all of you people, found solution. Just sent Invoice No from header section to the current page by sending data to current page workflow and then in the details section Invoice Link ID, taken data from the url parameter.

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