How to load internal links without page refresh?

I’m writing an app that has tree-like organization. Each of the nodes contains certain text. As you navigate through the tree, the texts in the parent nodes, merged together, form a coherent overall text. I want to have a textbox where each parent node is represented as via the text contained in it, as shown in this GIF:

When I click each of these sentences, I want to go to the node that contains this sentence. To do this, I’m trying to use “hasthag links” by using the following formula in the textbox:

But the problem is that it leads to page refresh. Is there any way I can open these links without page refresh (and respectively have bubble do the necessary internal logic to “open” the needed node after that)?

(Note: I have read the other threads on this topic and they do not seem to provide the answer.)

The go to page workflow action if navigating to the same page will not reload the page. Using link elements will reload the page.

There are plugins that are free like ‘router’ and ‘browser’ that can make changes to parameters and paths without loading the page and you can use (at least in router) the plugin states to reference for any conditionals on other page elements (needed because Bubble will not recognize the change path or parameters until there is a page reload).

If your focus is on having internal links for the SEO benefit, just put them on the page and put a text element over it, then have the text element pressed to run the workflow action go to page, while the link element will still get picked up by Google spiders.

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Thx. My focus is to have a single flow of text with links inside that that would lead to different actions. I don’t know how to do it besides using BB-code with plain links inside. So you’re saying there’s no way to make page NOT reload with such plain links?

Not that I know of, unless you have it working with BB-code plain links.

You could attempt to do HTML element navigation but I think that also reloads the page.

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Thx. Is there a way to make individual parts of a text/HTML box invoke workflow actions?

Not an easy way that I am aware of…you could however do some stuff with javascript listeners to trigger a workflow event, so when the URL changes maybe have a JS listener setup to watch for that and trigger the workflow.

Search the forum for Javascript Expression Element and Toolbox plugin for details about JS in Bubble.

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