SEO issues with Internal Links

I know this has been covered in a few threads over the years…

Ahrefs/SEMRush/WooRank/ScreamingFrog etc all complain that there are no internal links on Bubble pages that use the “GoTo Page…” action.

However, they are (usually) able to find the pages from the Sitemap, but that does not really help if you are trying to do content clusters.

Has anyone solved this? Am thinking it could be cludged by having on page links, but that does not feel like a great solution particularly if you are doing a fair amount of Content Marketing fo SEO.

Hi Nigel,

I have encountered this issue in the past as well and the best solution I found was to ensure all internal links are link elements rather than using “Go To Page”. Would also be keen to understand if there is a better solution than this.

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I saw that Malcolm from Bubble requested a bug report, so I may do that.

I have been using the link element instead of the Go To Workflow step.



But it really should detect the javascript. But doesn’t.

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