Looking for best practices with links/actions for navigating to (external) pages - SEO

Hi all,

I hoping to gain some insights about best practices regarding linking pages. Both internal and outgoing.

As far as I’m aware there are two options in Bubble:

  • Using the link element
    ** Text only (can be styled as a button)
    ** Can’t be used to wrap other elements (or groups)
    ** Can be properly crawled by search engines
    ** Instant navigation
    ** No option to (also) trigger (back-end) workflows
  • Using actions/ ‘start a workflow’ → navigate to (external) page
    ** Can be used on groups of elements
    ** Can’t be properly crawled by search engines
    ** Always a delay (however shortly)
    ** No (built-in) option to open (external links) in new tab

I now use a mix of both. But this is suboptimal and error-prone. What I’m really missing is just a simple hyperlink option that can wrap groups of elements & can trigger (back-end) workflows. Just like you would use hyperlinks in html (with javascript actions).

I have the feeling that I’m missing something very basic… :sweat_smile:
Anyone that can give some perspective: would very much appreciate it!

To make it a bit more concrete:

  • I have a homepage with a list in a recurring group with all kinds of activities.
  • Every cell consists of a card with info in it
  • I want every whole card to be a link to a page with details about the activity
  • Google doesn’t crawl workflow based navigation - so also added a link element inside the card for the activity title that goes to the same page
  • I need extra workflow actions to log user-actions and to set url parameters and cookies.