How to log user in with webview? URL tokens?

I am using dropsource webview and wanted to know what tokens are needed in the URL to log users into my site? Ex: username, password, authorization id?

If you’re using webview, I’m not sure why you need any of that. Maybe someone else can help me identify what I’m missing, but I think the webview should just be pointing to your Bubble app as it is.

I need to log users in automatically to my Bubble app. I’m loading my eccomerce store in a webview. Didnt want to recreate it in Dropsource just yet, as everything is very complex.

But you don’t have to recreate anything. Just build your forms on bubble backend, and point the webview to the url.

Bubble will do the rest.

In my Dropsource app Im being redirected to the login page in webview. I was not automatically logged in…

But that’s the point on a login form, login requirement.

Or just in don’t understanding what you mean…

I dont want users to go to login page. I want them to automatically be logged in with their username and password from Dropsource app.

But if you don’t want user to be logged, just don’t build a login requirement, remove the login condition if exists and you will be ready…

Why you want to add a login and then log them automatically?

Still not understanding the concept of this.

I want users to be logged into their account automatically from the Dropsource app without having to manually do it again. In the app they are already logged in. With a webview, I want them to add products to their shopping cart and check out without having to log in 2x times.

Can you expalin please what you have?

Are you using bubble or dropsource as backend

The pages that is using your webview are on bubble or dropsource?

Im using Dropsource for app and Bubble as the backend database. Users will log into Dropsource (Bubble credentials). There’s a webview in Dropsource app directing them to a Bubble page I can’t recreate in Dropsource. I want users to automatically log in and not have to manually type in their username and password again.

But if you are using dropsource only as the wrapper of your bubble app why you want to log them in dropsource?

You have page & db on bubble, webviewer points to bubble, when you log in, you will use bubble credentials. There’s no two logins. If you are using bubble backend…

Check again your configuration and even your project flow. Because I think you are bit confused.

P. S some images will help to understand you better and try help you out.

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