How to loop through items in data types?

I have two data type tables that both have a first_name field for the same person. These tables get out of sync, and I want to regularly (daily) check each item from Table Aand then do this on each one

  • if first_name is blank in A
  • and if first_name is not blank in B
    Then update Table A’s first_name with the value of Table B’s first_name

Is there a way to do this in Bubble? I realize I’m basically writing a forEach loop.

Hey @brenton.strine,

This can be achieved by running a recurring workflow via the backend.


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Happy bubble’n

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How? It’s all the same actions in the backend workflows.

A little more detail on the data types will help. Are the two data types linked in any way? Is there a sequence to the two data types that could be used as a link to a user (index, for example) ?

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List Shifter can do iteration (by executing a certain workflow iteratively) in the page (the proper way, not some janky way). List Popper can help you with creating recursive workflows.


A quick re-introduction to how to loop over workflows with List Shifter here: Live Bubbling with @keith: Let's Iterate Over Some Shtuff

Video that (eventually) explains how List Popper can help you build iterative workflows in your/the backend (see whut I did there?) here: List Popper and Friends: New SSA Plugin for Your Backend Workflow (API Workflow) Needs