For loop to make changes to a list of things, each change will be different

hello all,

I need to make changes to a list of things, but each change to the list item will be different based on a price tabulator (data type)

for example I have a price tabulator DT:
1 - 500
2 - 300
3 - 250

Data Type parent:
parent A # of kids= 3
payment = ?

parent B # of kids = 2

I want to run a workflow to update the parent’s payment DF to 250 for parent A, and 300 for parent B.

if I am coding I would frame it like this:

For i to end of the list do:
-thing parent(i) payment = price tabulator row index(# of kids)

I looked into the API scheduled workflows but they seem to be the same event/condition over and over.

is there a way to do a for LOOP?

sorry for the long message, thanks for the guidance

well I figured it out. More specifically this video helped me

basically API workflow on a list will act as a FOR LOOP

then I used the attribute :item# to identify the index/row of the “thing”

in case somebody is struggling with a similar issue

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An another option, I use the For Each element found in the Ultimate Toolkit plug in…

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Where we found the documentation! Thanks!!

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I’ll try to make a simple little demo video about how to use the For Each plug in. Stay tuned…

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Hi! I need so much the example to use for each!! Thanks!!!