How to make a background style stylish?

Hello everyone,
Are there templates for the background of a page to include in image mode for example?
In fact, I found a template that looks good at ZeroCode, as you can see in the image I attached. The problem is that this background is not a real background but a Group making up the entire page and several visual elements which are images making it up. Each image is a color.

So my questions are :

  • Is it possible to convert this group into a single image and then include it in the background style of the page?
  • OR is there another way?
  • OR otherwise, if I copy/paste this group one below the other on a page of approximately 20,000 min height will it create slowness for the application?
  • OR (I’ll give it a try), do you have any good tips for making a beautiful background simply by setting the right gradients? I put a screeshot that will speak louder than my words

Thank you so much

The video below does not exactly address your questions but it does cover some concepts that may help spark some ideas on how to tackle what you may be aiming to build

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