Templates, can I change the background image?

Are there some templates that you can’t change the background image? I clicked on the grouping all around the background image and don’t see where the image was uploaded. I can upload my own image, but it just goes over top of the background?

You should be able to change all images.

Share a few screenshots and the community can chime in to help.

If he’s asking this question, I think he might be on about AirDev’s Canvas template. I’ve been playing around with it and can’t seem to figure how to alter the background.

I haven’t used the Canvas template yet, but seems like a smart approach.

From the little I do know, it seems like their approach is to abstract a lot of the implementation 1 level. So, the “normal” way of changing things may work differently with their templates.

Happy to take a look at screenshots if that’d be helpful.

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