How to make a change to a specific field of each data entries

Hi, I’m trying to build a job board.
When a user submits his application for a job, he creates a new application related to a job post.
If the client accepts him, I need to automatically change all “selected freelance” fields of each application entry with the current user value.


Currently, the workflow I have settled changes only the first application data entry.

I also tried to create two similar processes “make a change to Applications”. In the first one “Applicant=Current user” and the second one “Applicant<>Current user”.

With this process, I was close to the solution, but it changes only the first and last item.

I’m looking for a solution that changes all the “selected freelance” field of all application entries with the same value.


Hi there, @ivan.rss92… if I understand your post correctly, it looks like you are using the Make changes to thing… workflow event, but you should be using the Make changes to a list of things… event. Have you already tried using the latter?


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Thanks, I didn’t evaluate to use “Make changes to a list of things”, now it works correctly!

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