How To Make A Custom State (which is a list of things)? - Take 2

Hi all,

This is a follow-up from a closed thread and, just like justincrabbe said at the start, I feel like I should really be able to get this by now. But I’m stuck.
Original thread:

I have a data type called Project. It’s user-generated and there’s a field called Ideas that’s a list of texts.

I’ve been trying to make it so there’s a repeating list of these ideas (done!) and then I want to create a way to have another user select as many “Ideas” as they like when they send a message to the creator of the project.

And I’m stuck on removing the item from the list.

@NigelG, I tried (and tried and tried and tried) to copy your example but I can’t get it to work exactly as you did. (Perhaps because in your example Fruit was the data type and not a field within it?) Whatever the reason, I don’t see a way to filter the way you did (unique id <> Current cell’s fruit’s unique id. It forces "Constraint: ).

Nigel’s solution that works beautifully:

I’ve been kicking around every possible idea I can think of and nearly got it working but if you view my example and watch as you click something in and then out and then in again, there’s a flash of the previous idea. This makes me believe that my solution is buggy.

What am I not getting??

Might be easier to use the Multi Select plugin, that does exactly what you are after ?

Although yours appears to work ?

Looks like it works, I’m guessing that periodic flash is the repeating group sorting itself when a new value is added?

It’s not something that would personally bother me

I was thinking of using that! But I’m using this form for two things at the same time. One is to spark interest/delight with the text via a bit of design, and two is for the functionality of one user sending info to another. I couldn’t figure out how to alter the look and feel of the Multiselect.

Yeah, the flashing seems to be re-showing the most recently removed item before settling on the most recently added item.

Yes, it may well be the sort. You should be able to get round that by sorting the state ?

Hm… I couldn’t get that to work either!

What really has me stumped is that it feels like I’m missing something simple. The :plus item option works so well that I can’t understand why there isn’t a :remove (or :minus).

Now I’m wondering if I’ve made this whole thing too complicated by trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. Perhaps, I need to create a field on the user type that can store this info while on this page. Then, when they navigate away I add a workflow to delete any saved items.

If you have any more thoughts or ideas, I’ll all ears. :slight_smile: Thanks so much!

Without having access to the editor, it is difficult to see what is going on.

Can you make it public ?

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