How to Make a dropdown display unique data based on data selected in another dropdown

I’m trying to make my dropdowns display data based on the selection made by the user in the first dropdown.

Example: The User selects their favorite sport (let’s say NBA) --> then a dropdown appears with a list of NBA teams for them to select.

I want to have the dropdowns cater to the user selection. If they chose NFL then a dropdown list of NFL teams would Appear.

What part are you stuck with? There’s a number of ways to go about this, so more information about where you’re stuck will make it easier for the community to help you out.

I’m not sure if its my data types and fields or what but here are some screen shots:

trying to get the subCategories dropdown to populate with the correct data so that it only shows NFL teams when NFL is selected in the categories - sport dropdown and only NBA teams are shown in the subcategories dropdown when NBA is selected in the Categories dropdown

I would choose to hide and show dropdowns with different options based on the first dropdown’s value. So if the value of the first dropdown is lets say NBA, choose to show the second dropdown that contains NBA teams.


But how would i make that constraint?

Have a look at this:


This works with dynamic choices as well

Yea That’s exactly what I want, but how did you do that?

I cant see any workflows or data in the app

By using conditionals:

I see! Thanks!

Last question is when you put: "dropdown choose sports value is “Futball” do you have to make Futball a data type?

No, as you can see. It works the same way, if you prefer to use the DB and if that suits your case better.

Its not letting me type in the word “fotball” as the dropdowns value

Where? Which value? And if you mean the editor link I gave you, you can’t edit the page, only view it

Here are the screen shots when I try and do the same

Can I have a look at the “Appearance” tab for both of the dropdowns?

Wait I figured it out! I had the first drop down as a dynamic and the second as static but I switched both to Static and it worked thanks!