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How to make a list out of the first entry from a list of lists

data structure like this

Thing 1

  • name
  • list of Thing 2

Thing 2

  • name

I need to return the most recent entry from the list of Thing 2 for each Thing 1. So my search is like this
search for Thing 1’s list of Thing 2:first item
but that doesn’t work because “search for Thing 1’s list of Thing 2” is already one list made out of the entries from all of the lists. I need to work with each list before it gets combined into one list of results. I don’t need the entire list of Thing 2s, just the most recent entry.

Where are you wanting to return this list? Could you do a repeating group of Thing 1 and then in the cell display “current cell’s list of Thing 2 :first item”?