How to make a list with users data


I want to be able to make a list inside the website itself that will show the same thing as the “list” that I have a picture of below and have circled. What should I do to be able to do that?

Sry too bad English
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Thanks! But what do you mean that i would write in the source?

Take a look at some of the tutorial videos there are some good examples

OK, but i think all is right now, but the list dont shows in the preview. You know wy?

I am also very new to bubble (2 days) so I dont know why its not working, but what I can say is that if there is data in the table it should display in preview mode

Bubble is a visual programming language. Once you get the basics you will get to do much more than if you were learning a conventional programming language.

Bubble will allow you to do powerful things :+1:

Consider watching some tutorial videos. Here a good playlist of quick how tos:

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