How to make a post (input to text) editable after posting

Hi there!

I’m building a pseudo social network where users can post (via inputs) and those posts are stored as text. I’m trying to figure out how to make the “post” editable after the user posts.

Here’s the preview page:

Any ideas?

Thank you!!

One way you could tackle it is by:

  • use a checkbox to change the state of the Group write (I’m assuming that the post is a Group) to editable
  • the text fields go invisible and the input fields are visible*
  • the input field’s initial text should be the Parent Group's field
  • uncheck the checkbox, the state of Group changes to read-only, the input fields hide, the text fields appear

Does that help?

*yes, you could simplify this by use the input field for display and edit.

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Thank you!

Very basic question, but how do I change the state of the Group write to “editable”?

The guys at Zeroqode have some good tutorials:

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