How to make a progress bar using a list of users?

I have a small mailing application for subscribed users. I’m using two fields “queue” (list of users) and “sent” (list of users). With the help of a looped backend workflow, I send out one letter to the user, removing him from the “queue” and adding to “sent” until the “queue” is empty. Is it possible to add a progress bar that showed 0% at the beginning of the mailing and 100% at the full mailing? Considering that the number of subscribers can change, I can’t think of a way to do this.

There are a few plugins that provide off-the-shelf progress bars.
However if you want to have more control over the aesthetics and functionality of your progress bar check this plugin out.

It is not made for progress bars, however you can set dynamic expressions for the width and height of elements. So you can use it to make a progress bar if you do the maths for how long the progress bar should be.
In your case it would be ((Sent:count)/(Sent merged with queue:count))*Max width of progress bar in pixels.

If you have a responsive page, the max width of the progress bar will change, but you can use Current Page width to adjust it.

Let me know if you get this to work.

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Thank you! Mathematics is not my strongest point and I did not immediately think of using plugins for writing formulas with brackets. Installed the toolbox and your formula and it worked.