How to make a real time update ( in repeating group)

In my application, I have a repeating group where I want to incorporate a timer for each group. However, I’m facing a challenge on how to update this timer every second. My data source is an API, and I can calculate the difference between the API time and the current date and time, but this will convert to seconds, hours, or days. I’ve tried using several plugins, but none of them seem to work within repeating groups. I’ve also attempted to use the “Update every 1 second” workflow, but I’m unable to select an element within a repeating group. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this issue?

To select an element within a repeating group you gotta use Orchestra (repeating group addon) Plugin | Bubble

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You can put everything you have in your RG cell into a reusable element instead. Then stick that in your RG cell.

Then inside the reusable element do your “Do every 1 second” workflows and reference specific elements.

Just be very careful to have conditions on the “Do every 1 seconds” because yo wouldn’t want it making API calls every 1 second per RG cell unless you really want that.

Current date and time does not update after page load. It will just be the current date and time the page is rendered, which kind sucks

Use the orchestra plugin

thanks dude, worked very well!!

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