Repeating Group Auto Refresh

I have a repeating group, which i have set its data source to “Search for Item_list”. I have also added a constraint with “Created date > Current date/time +(minutes): -10”. This constraint enables me to only show Items that were only created in the past 10mins. This works great

Let’s create a scenario:
The Current time is 12:10, and 2 Items were created at 12:04 and 12:06. The list immediately shows these Items in the Repeating group. But here is my challenge.
As soon as the time changes to 12:11 and above, these items still remain on the screen without disappearing. I will then have to manually refresh the screen for the list to return an empty list for me.

How can I make this list automatically remove Items when its time frame has passed without refreshing screen

A date object is static… (it doesn’t update in real time)…

So Current Date/Time will be the exact time that the date is read (either on page load, or in a search or a workflow etc.), but it won’t update in real-time.

If you want it to update in real time, you’ll need to re-establish the current date/time every second…

There are multiple forum posts about how to do this, so search the forum for more details, but you basically have 3 options:

  1. Run a workflow every second to update the time in a custom state or group datasource
  2. Use some custom JavaScript that sets the time every second
  3. Check out one of the various free plugins that does the same thing
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@adamhholmes Thanks for your response. Can runing a workflow every second overload my server?

No these are all client-side actions…

@adamhholmes Thank you so much for all you assistance.

So these are my steps now.

  1. Added the Repeating Group into a Group, and set the “Type of Content” to “date”, and the “Data source” to “Current data/time”.
  2. I created a workflow, “Do every 1 second”, and set an action “Display data in Group”
  3. Chose the right group in the element
  4. Set Data to display to "current date/time
  5. On my Reapeating group, I replaced anywhere i had “Current date/time” constraint to “Parent Group’s Date”

Its working out great for now. Thanks once more

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