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Update repeater group automatically

Hello everybody. How to do this magic (for me)? I need my RG to update without relying on a button, I’m dealing with api data that changes frequently.It’s not cool to have to click a button or refresh the page all the time.

You can create a workflow that runs every 5 seconds, and use it to update your data.

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In addition to what @rpetribu indicated, you can also check out this topic:

I appreciate the speed in responding. I’m not on the pro plan yet, for now I can only be on free. would have another method?


The event indicated by @rpetribu is available in the free plan:

I hope this helps!

Thanks everyone, now I have a lot of material to study! Thank you from the heart!

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I’ve tried and tried, but it doesn’t feel right! besides that it takes a long time to come up with the api data (using the action function in the call). it is not instantaneous like the so-called date.


As mentioned in your first post, please, have you achieved this with a button? Because you can just replace the event “when an element is clicked” by “do every X seconds”, using the same sequence of action that worked with the button.

Another thing, it seems your API request is too big, is it pulling only the updated information?

hello thanks for the reply. yes the method works perfectly with and without a button. what worries me are these warnings. I believe he is bringing a lot of information these alerts may be why? can I bring Menas amount of data from the api to not overload?

Great to know!

Yes, then you should only read in the API documentation if you can bring less data each time you request a call.

Sorry for my childishness, I didn’t remember that the amount of data could be large, I was thinking that it was the loop that generated the warning

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