How to make a similar tool in Bubble

I’m interested making in a tool similar to this website.

I understand the top section would just show and hide the options for the second section, and when you select something from the second section it would have a value to it, maybe a per second cost.

How would I make sliders which then has a value which I can use to calculate with the selection of the 2nd section?

I feel like the 2nd and 4th section is the main calculation, and then the 3rd it is just multiply what ever value came from adding section 2 and 4.

Any thoughts on how to put this together in Bubble?

Thank you,

Very doable with Bubble :smiley:

1 of 4 - chosen value
2 of 4 - chosen value
3 of 4 - chosen value times X
4 of 4 - chosen value

Result = Add all of above

UI and UX can be done exactly as how that price calculator works :smiley:

Sorry, I’m not following what you mean by 1 of 4, and 2 of 4, etc.

How would I make a slider which changes a value in a range?


Bubble has a slider element that allows you to establish a range and assign a numeric value.

As for the other “steps” they were meant to illustrate in what I hoped to be “simple” steps how to implement a basic algorithm. It is not exact but it is meant to show something like this:

  1. Chosen medium has an X dollar development cost per second of duration
  2. Choses style the same as above. Let’s call it Y
  3. Choose how many seconds it should last. Let’s call it A.
  4. Same as 1 and 2. Let’s call it Z

So … this approach should then yield:

(X+Y+Z) * A = development cost of an animation

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