How to make a video the products of users

I am fairly new to bubble however have come a long way and understand and build quite a lot. I’m stuck on how to make a video my users product and how to make these videos locked or not viewable until purchased.

Thank you

Not purchased → show a picture
Purchased → show the video?


Correct, how would one make it work like that?

You can make 2 groups.

1 group with the picture. The other group with the video.
The group with the picture has a visibility rule like when Current user is logged in AND is a subscriber uncheck the this group is visible.
For the other group, the reverse: when Current user is logged in AND is a subscriber check the this group is visible.

Make sure both groups have the Collapse this element's height when hidden.

Do some thorough testing to check any edge cases you might have, but this is how I would start it.

I wonder if one could still sniff around the source code of the page and still retrieve the link to the video.

Ok sort of make a little sense.

Each video would ba a product though and not subscribe to the app, but let me play around a little and see.


What are you using the play the video?

Is the product a single video or a series of videos?

Various ways of going about it…but all would include some use of a conditional

You might also want to use privacy rules

At the moment I’m still deciding which is the best video player to use for this.

They will be single videos for now but the user who’s selling the videos must be able to upload as many as they like to sell to the buyers.

They will also have other products of they so wish.

Thanks for the advise so far I will give it a go and see what happens.