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How To Make An Empty Image Input Show Inside A Repeating Group

I’m trying to make an image manager that allows the user to manage their images but when you have just an image uploader (no image saved yet) inside of a repeating group but the group won’t show the Image Input.

I need a way to clear images and upload them again.

I was planning on auto binding this image input to the cell but i can’t get the image input to show in an empty cell.

If I’m understanding correctly. You don’t need the “Current cell’s Aircraft Image’s Image”. Just use the “Image Uploader” input element with autobinding enabled.

This will show the placeholder text and then change to the picture once you’ve uploaded one.

You would then create workflow for your trashcan icon to delete the image.

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I did that but when there wasn’t an image the inputter wouldn’t show…

That is the main problem I’m facing currently.

Hmm, maybe that’s a limitation for that element (i.e. it doesn’t work in repeating groups)?


That is what I am thinking as well. Would be good if we had a confirmation.

Try opening a bug report here

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I’ll let @emmanuel advise if this is a bug or not before submitting an email. It may just be something that isn’t possible with this input.

I don’t even know how to show the popup, so can’t say anything.


I have just used an image uploader inside a repeating group using data binding and it works fine. Just remember to enable the databinding on the field in the Privacy tabs

Just be aware however, there appears to be an event bubbling issue that allows the upload click event to pass to the underlying controls.

I always put all me cell contents into a group so I can perform things like row hover etc. so to deal with the click event bubbling, in the example below, I have moved the uploader to outside the group, but within the bounds of the RG row.

See here:

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What I was doing was deleting the entire Thing.

I see that if you keep the Thing there, but delete it’s Image file, the uploader will remain in place.

If you delete the Thing all together, the image uploader disappears and you can no longer write to that Thing.

Need to change your name to “AwesomeDaveA” :sunglasses:

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