How to make data change in repeating group based on URL without having to create seperate pages

Quick example of what I’m thinking:
User clicks button and data in repeating group is shown based on that.
User then creates a custom link that can be copied and shared. that link takes them to the page with the repeating group and auto populates the same data.

So basically need a repeating group that’ll pull data from the database based on url.

No idea if this is possible, already being done, simple or complicated lol.

Thinking something like google’s share feature, where you set an expiration on the link.

Hope my question isn’t too confusing : /, I struggle with words n such sometimes.

Thanks in advance!!!


Just use ‘Get Data From URL’ in your RG data source…

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messing with the url stuff based on debug mode lol. What’s the proper way for writing it out?


is what i got lol. Is there a way to do multiple? struggling with how to add it so i can do it in debug mode.

Obviously, the way to do it depends entirely on what you’re trying to do, and how your database is set up…

But basically, you can include anything you like in a URL parameter, and then read those parameters in your data source…

If the parameters include a unique ID of a thing in your database you can refer directly to that thing… or you can use other values to use in search constraints or filters…

Without knowing the specifics of what you’re doing, I can’t really be any more specific than that with the help…

So feel free to share your specific use case details if you like, or just research more about using URL parameters and filtering searches based on those…

Thanks dude!