Dynamic url repeating group - one page app

I am building a one-page application where certain products are displayed when a user visits the page. Now I want them to be able to share the products. The data is loaded from the database into the repeating group. How can I create it that is detected when a url has parameters and retrieve the information and put it in the repeating group, but when there no parameters it just resolves to the standard info from the database.

So I want to create shareable links and that the repeating group loads data from the url when available.

Pretty simple to do. Use the parameters as constraints on the “do a search for” data source on the repeating group. Add a conditional statement that says “when get data from URL (insert whatever it is here) is empty” and provide a different data source for the repeating group.

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Sounds logical. But I am struggling to find the correct parameters. I have a data type products on page ‘Home’. So if I want to retrieve the information of the product from the url, I would do 'get data from url > path > product?