Create URL to Repeating Group

Hi All… I’m exhausted from searching and watching videos that ALMOST, but not quite, answers my question… I’m turning to the forum for some help please.

I’m looking to send a URL via email that tells a user to a cell in a repeating group. Basically, if someone comments, it sends an email to another user. The user clicks the link and it should go to the spot in the repeating group. I don’t quite know how to structure this, or what to even search for. All of my “anchor to repeating group element” and so many variations of that have come up empty.

Thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance.

Maybe I can use the unique ID for the content somehow? Hmmmm…

Would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

Hey, @DiggDang,

So you can have the link in the email be something like

UNIQUEID_1 is the default one, you have nothing to do with it.

UNIQUEID_2 is the unique ID of the thing of the RG (repeating group) you shared.

You can add a workflow for “when condition is true” (just once) and have the action to Get Data from URL. I the parameter name you add “item” you add and do a search for things with a contraint of thing´s unique ID = to get data from URL and when count is not 0, scroll to an entry of the RG

Here are some helpful links:

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Thanks for the reply, @hacker… I’ll take a look at these and see if I can put something together. Appreciate it!

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@hacker - Would you happen to know if it matters that my repeating group is an Ext Vertical Scroll? So, the post that it is being commented on is actually not loaded yet… is there a way around this without making it full list and without adding more rows on my repeating group by default (I don’t want to slow the page down). I’m also wondering if it would be easier to just show the post and comments on another isolated page or popup… :face_with_monocle:


I think it has to be in infinite scroll:

A lot easier, I think the best way to go is with popups. And check out RE (reusable elements) :wink:

Thanks for all of the help, @hacker . I ended up putting it on its own page, which went quite well. My main page is kinda loaded so I figured putting it off on its own page would make it work faster and more efficiently, as well as declutter my main page… one less workflow/logic step(s) to go through.