How to make popups responsive with the new system

I am having an issue with my popups, reusable and regular where they are not being responsive.

They all work when I do responsive in the editor, when they go live and I test it on my phone (Pixel 6 pro) it doesn’t work.

which is browser on pixel 6?
Can i check fast your editor?

Can you share the link of your app so I can check on my phone?

It’s very simple!

Make the pop up a column or row container and then put width as fixed and 100% - it will automatically fill the screen.

Or you can make it 80% width and height so it will be a proper popup on all devices!

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That didn’t work.

I’m 100% convinced that input elements have min. width defined that’s larger than the phone screen width.

Take a look at other elements too & fix their min. widths. If you share the editor link I can tell you exactly what to change :v:

Does this work?

My solution here to solve this: