How to make save as draft?

hi everyone,
i have form input and want to make when user not completed fill the form and leave the page the data they fill is still there by hit save as draft button.

what in the workflow i set? make change to a thing or another way?

please help, thank you in advance.

Hi there,… if I was doing what you described, I would likely save the draft by creating a new thing in the same data type where a non-draft version of the thing would be created/saved. Then, I would have a field in that data type that is used to designate if a thing is a draft or a final version, and I would likely use an option set to define the Draft and Final options for that field.

Hope this helps.


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hi @mikeloc, thank you for replying. correct me if im wrong,
so in the workflow i add a draft field for (save as draft) button then when user already completed the form i set to Final for the button Submit. is it?

Commenting to bookmark. This is another good use case for localStorage.


I think you are getting the general idea, When you load the form, you will have to check to see if a user already has a thing in draft status so you can show the thing’s existing data. Then, when the user is done updating the draft and clicks the submit button, you would make changes to the thing and update the status field (or whatever you call that field) from draft to final.

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