How Do I Create Draft Functionality


I’ve form where I want to give user an option to store information as a draft and later he can save it. How do I achieve this?

Hello @virendra

Create a status field in the entry object to distinguish draft from final.

Option sets are useful for this :grinning:

@cmarchan So how should I change status if user have multiple darfts and he wants to save all the data when he clicks on submit button?

Give two options for buttons…save as draft…submit final

In my app I have users who can submit things that I want to approve first…they submit, it has status of draft, I review and either change status to denied, or approved…either of them provide an email sent to the user to notify them…if it is denied I provide a reason and allow them to fix and resubmit.

Thank you for the help @boston85719 it solved my draft issue.
Do you happen to know how can I create a form within a form? like user can upload a single song which contains details of that song and also he can upload album which contains details of album and details of a single song as well.