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Recording values based on state

Say that I have a list of buttons that change “state” depending on click. Each button represents a choice the user is making, like things they are interested in doing. Users can choose multiple subjects.

Once they chose what they’re interested in clicking these buttons (which change colour based on stage), I want them to submit the choices.

Each button has a state called “selected” with a value of yes or no. I am not sure where to record the actual value of the button, like the name of the topic.

What is the workflow here? I want the submit button to record the list of choices into the user’s database table, right now at a cell called “choices”. In other words, only buttons with a selected value of yes should be submitted - or better - their actual value, which is the name of the topic.

So, the cell, should see “movies, sports, music, technology” for example.

Hi! :wave:

You will need a “category” field in your user’s database (List type).

So, when you click the button to submit:

If button movies’s seleected is yes → make change to user → category add “movies”

If button sports’s seleected is yes → make change to user → category add “sports”

Do this for each step in your workflow. One step per button. Make sense??

Yes. Does that mean I add an action per button?

Also, I can’t find “add” on the list of options…

That’s it!

Can you share a screenshot??

Got it! It works - I didn’t use “make change to user”

One last question - does it make sense that I store these values in the user table, or ideally, should I be storing them in a separate table?


It depends on how you pretend to use this information in your app.

In terms of organization, if you expect to have tones of users I suggest you to save this information in other simple database (category x user). Doing this you will have more agility in your category searches and your users database will stay light…

Got it!


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