How to make thing change with a button/icon and update databases

Hey guys, I want to allow my users to save specific items that they might like and then display those items in a dedicated page as well. I have recorded this 3 mins loom video because I believe it’s the ebst way to try and explain the goal I want to achieve:

Thanks to anyone who will help!

Great video!

  1. Make sure the “data type” of the User’s “Videos Saved” field is a “List of Videos”.

  2. When a user clicks the heart icon to save a video, you want the workflow to run the following action:

Make changes to Current User

Videos Saved ADD Selected Video

  1. On your 3rd page, the page that shows a list of saved videos, the datasource should simply be the Current User’s “Videos Saved”

Hopefully that all makes sense.

Ah! I didn’t realize that it had to be a “Lilst of Videos”, I had simply put it as “Videos” data type, which was limiting me to 1 and only 1 video at a time!

Deleted the old data type and created a new one as a list, now it works!!

Thanks a lot!!

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