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There is no " Current User isn't logged in"

Hello everyone,
I needed restrict my pages for user who didn’t sign in first but I couldn’t find the “isn’t logged in” in the Only when section. Is there any way around?

Can you say when ‘Current User is logged in’ then do what you need to happen for those users and by default it will not happen if the user is not logged in. Alternatively, you could go to the data tab, then click on privacy, and on your data types you can set rules to where no data will be available to users who are not logged in but probably similarly to my first response by signifying what logged in users can see then by default logged out users will see nothing.

“Is log out” IS the same that “is not log in”

I’m using “Current user’s email is empty” to do this

You can do “current user” “is logged in” “is no”

I think you are right, that worked for me. Thank you eveyone for your responses.

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