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How to mask label - [email protected] -> b****[email protected]****

Is there anyway or plugin to mask a label?
db: [email protected]
label on a page: [email protected]


I’m not sure if any current plugin exists, but I threw one together. I didn’t mask the domain, I may end up adding a checkbox that users can toggle to mask the domain or not.

I’ll play around with it a bit today, and I’ll update it if I do.

I did make sure this is run as a server-side action, so you can hopefully avoid sending the client the actual email.

Here is a demo app (The URL is weird, sorry haha. Going through old apps and this was a legacy hobby plan, so I grabbed it to test out)

Awesome. Tks a lot.

Did you set a state to add the result in the element? By debugging I can see it’s working but when I load the page, the field is being null. It seems the workflow is still running after the page is loaded. And then, the element is becoming null.

And it would be awesome if it could be a generic mask plugin. Not only for email addresses, but also for phone numbers, strings like names, etc

Keep in mind that if you mask the email client side it’s very easy to get the unmasked email because you are sending it to the client.
It’s probably better if you add a field masked email where you save the masked email and set privacy rules.

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I highly recommend you do it like dorilama is saying. That’s actually how I built the plugin, with that in mind.

So when a user signs up, you could add this workflow step into the sign up workflow, and then on the register a user, add a data point and maybe call it “Masked email” or something similar, and then just do Result of Step (x)'s Masked Email.

Yes, in my example I am doing a set state on page load.

It makes sense. Thanks a lot!