Best Email Address Validator Plugin?

I see 3 validators on Bubble.

1 made by bubble and another made by @levon and @copilot.

The bubble one seems to be preventing legitimate emails as well as fakes according to the reviews although it’s the highest used.

Which of the 3 have people had the best experience with? I don’t mind being charged a monthly fee for perfection.

Would really like to see an answer to this. Not to revive an old thread needlessly, but figured this was better than a brand new post.

I have integrated its very reliable and is cheap to workflow an API call to validate the email address.

Typically you get the following response and you can take what action you want based on the “code

“result”:“Safe to Send”,

The great thing is you can check for types of email addresses too, for instance a personal v role based account, savign you having to guess.

No need for a plug-in just use the Bubble API tool.


Funny, just tried to register for debouce and it kept rejecting me. So, if it doesn’t like my personal Gmail address, then, seems like a bad sign.

Is it not better to simply allow signups and then do a cleanup. Users who haven’t logged in after a year, have no activity, no data and have not responded to email notifications or something similar?

hello, i’m about to start using debounce and was wondering if you had stuck with the service. i’ve “soft launched” and i figure it will be less expensive in the long run to implement email validation now, rather than later.

I know this is an older post, but I’m about to set this up and have no clue how to reference the response from deBounce in Bubble. Any chance you might be able to share how you did it? I’d be super grateful!

Hey @samnichols, getting to know the API Connector is (1) not as scary as it seems at first and (2) an essential Bubble skill. Also API’s like Debounce and Kickbox are super easy to use with Bubble so they’re an excellent introduction to the topic.

Start here:

@keith you rock. Thank you!

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